About Us

We aim at delivering the HIGHEST QUALITY of web development and
designing services to businesses across all industries.

We aim at delivering the HIGHEST QUALITY of web development and designing services to businesses across all industries.

  • functional, beautiful &
    completely optimized

    We are committed to the idea of creating websites that are functionally solid, aesthetically beautiful and completely optimized.

  • The URS ISO

    The URS ISO certification lends voice to our credibility as a consistent performer in the industry.

  • primary

    Customer satisfaction has been a primary objective in all our ventures.

Our Core Values



We continually work towards the betterment of our customers. We ensure that every project that we take up edifies our customers’ online presence



We have built our entire business model on integrity. We will never do anything that does not fit with our core values.



Deliver nothing but excellence is our motto. We make all the efforts required to ensure that our work meets exceptional standards.



Comletenet.com continually updates and upgrades its technologies and the process to the fast changing project development environment.



We are a result oriented and goal oriented organization. This makes us essentially an action oriented company as we believe but for action there is no growth and not progress..

Our Work

In terms of the work we have done, we have reached record breaking number of projects. We have done everything from the simplest markup projects to building of the most complex, robust online entities.

  • Projects 80,000+
  • Clients Served 25,000+
  • Responsive Projects 40,000+
  • E-mail Templates 5000+
  • Total Hours Worked 33,69,600
  • E-commerce Sites 1000
  • CMS's Implemented 25,000+

Our Journey So Far

  • 2007 To 2010

    1. Everything started with just 2 people
    2. New printing venture was undertaken
    3. Setting up of new office in Mumbai
    4. Founding of the SEO office
    5. With a team of just 50
    6. Acquisition of XHTMLChop and SubmitEdge
  • 2011 To 2013

    1. Hyderabad office was setup
    2. Doubling of team size – from 50 to 100
    3. Over 40,000 projects completed
    4. Further increase of team size to 150
    5. Acquisition of another company - Form2go
  • 2014 To 2017

    1. Acquisition of Alerplus
    2. Acquisition of KRPO
    3. Acquisition of Chatrify
    4. Acquisition of Hiretranslator
    5. Establishment of new office in Bangalore
    6. Started App division
    7. First international office was setup in New Jersey
    8. Increasing team size now reached 200
  • 2017 To 2020

    1. Team size now six times the initial number reached 300
    2. Deacquisition of KRPO
    3. Deacquisition of Form2go
    4. Founding of Nutraceuticals Venture


Completenet has been growing in leaps and bounds since 2007 in the past two and half decades. We love what we do and we are getting better at it each day.



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