Billing Policies

We keep our billing policies simple and straightforward and please keep yourself
updated with our latest billing policies by referring to this page regularly.

Billing Policies

We strive to provide you with safe and secure services along these lines we subject every single sign up through careful scrutiny on fraud detection. We have a dedicated verification team which reviews all the sign up information first to ensure that the purchases are not done accidentally by the customer and second that it is actually the buyer in question is the one who has actually initiated the transaction. Only when the verification team gives a green signal, the accounts would be set up.

Payment Terms

The functional/operative currency is INR and all payments and transactions are done in INR.
The following payment options are made available to the customers:

  • Direct bank wire transfer
  • Debit card payments
  • Credit card payments
  • PayPal


The billing cycles vary from account to account and the following billing cycles are followed as each case should dictate ranging from monthly billing to biennial billing cycles.

In case you should use wire transfer or bank transfer as your payment mode the payments will reflect in your account only upon we receive adequate proof of payment. Kindly send the payment receipt to We will be setting up the account for such payments only upon receiving the scanned copy or the screen shot of the payment receipt.

Amendments To The Billing Cycle

In the following cases, whereby amendments are required on the billing the amendment request will be executed only upon receiving a written request by the customer. Requests submitted through live chat or through phone calls will not be executed.

  • Changes to the billing cycles
  • Changes to the billing account information
  • Cancellation or termination of services

Account Renewal Reminders

To help you renew your services in a timely fashion we will send you multiple reminders at different intervals before 15 days prior to the renewal date, another reminder before the due date and the final reminder on the renewal date.

Account Renewal Grace Period

In case the payments are not made within the actual renewal dates, a maximum of 5 days will be allowed as the grace period to make the payment. However such payments shall be made only after getting the written approval of the billing team. Non-payment after the grace period will result in suspension of the hosting service. The suspension will be effected on the 6th day post the actual due date and the same will be notified through email.

If payments are made between the 6th day and 10th day late payment fee will be levied through our automated billing system. In case the customer should have also purchased Backup Plans, non-payment will result in ceasing of Backup services until the payment of past dues during the hosting suspension period.

It is possible to revive a suspended account up to five days from the date of suspension by paying the renewal fee and any other dues the account may have. In case of non-payment after the five days of suspension, the account will be permanently removed from our servers and all the data pertaining to that account will also be deleted from the servers. Requests on backup will not be entertained at any cost post account termination.

Money-Back Guarantee

To help our customers feel safe and to purchase our hosting solutions in a risk free environment we offer one month / 30 day money-back guarantee. You are free to cancel your service anytime during this guarantee period and get a complete refund.

The money-back guarantee will not be applicable for domain registration, domain transfer and dedicated servers. In case you should have opted for any other additional services then the account will be charged as per the billing cycle. Payments made on optional components are non refundable. The 30 day money-back guarantee and refunds are applicable only for the first time sign-ups.

What does the money-back guarantee not cover?

The following services are not covered by our 30 day money-back guarantee:

  • Domain registration
  • Domain transfer
  • Dedicated servers
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • SSL Certificates and
  • All optional components of the service including antivirus protection

Domain Registration Renewals

We recommend that the domain registrations are set to auto-renewal mode to avoid losing your domains. In case if the auto-renew option is left disabled and the domain happens to expire because of that get in touch with us immediately without any delay to get our assistance on renewing the expired domain name.

Redemption Of Expired Domain Names

Expired domains are moved to redemption period by the domain registrars. We will not be responsible for renewing the domains that have moved to such redemption period on account of non-renewal. It is possible to redeem such domain names during the redemption period and you would be incurring the additional redemption fee along with the renewal cost as per the domain extension chosen. The onetime redemption charges will be paid by the customer.

Cancellation Of Hosting Service And Transfer Or Domain Name

The following cases will elicit transfer charges and the requests will be executed only upon the payment of the stipulated fee:

  • Cancellation of hosting service prior to the renewal date (after the 30 day guarantee period)
  • Moving of the domain name to another company within the registered period

Free Domain Transfers

Customers who want to transfer the domain names that they are holding with another company to our company the transfers will be done free of cost and the following domain extensions can avail free domain transfers: .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info.

All the domains that are transferred to us will also enjoy one-year free domain extension/renewal from their actual renewal period. Subsequent renewals will be done as per the prevailing cost as per the domain extension.

Domain pre-registrations

We do offer domain pre-registration service for the domain names those which have the option to do so. However, the company does not give you any guarantee that such pre-registrations would be executed successfully. In case, the registration of domains purchased through pre-registration plan should fail, a complete refund will be issued as account credit as soon as the domain extension is made available in the public domain.

Cancellations and refunds

In case of cancellation requests given within the subsequent renewal date, refunds will be issued only for the period unused. Pro-rated fee will be levied for the period used as per the plan signed up by the customer. All such cancellation requests should be received at least six days prior to the renewal date and requests placed after this period will be executed only in the subsequent billing cycle and the charges for the running month would be levied as per the chosen plan.


At CompleteNet we do not allow credit card and debit card chargebacks regardless of the financial service provider used. By using our services you agree to this billing policy and you agree not to initiate chargebacks. We are entitled to use this document to dispute/fight any and all chargeback requests.

We will be happy to issue a refund as per the terms and conditions stated and if the valid reason is provided by the customer.

Initiation of chargebacks will result in instant suspension of the respective hosting account and would be subjected to collections and subsequent legal action to fight the chargeback.

Customers that need a refund on valid grounds shall write to us and it shall not be claimed through chargebacks. All chargebacks will elicit a chargeback processing fee and a penalty and these rates will be changed from time to time. Write to us for the latest fee involved. Further to this in case collections are to be done an additional 22% will be charged to the actual amount owed towards collections fee.

Policy Violations

In case of termination of account due to policy violations no refunds will be issued and such customers lose their entitlement to refunds. This also includes proven violations on copy-right infringement and internet watchdog complaints.

Updates To Billing Information

Customers will be able to edit their billing details by logging into their client account. In certain instances the option to change the billing information would be disabled in the customer dashboard and in such instances please get in touch with our billing department and they will do what is needed.

Ensure that all the information provided to us is accurate so that you do not miss any notices that we send to you pertaining to your account and general notices pertaining to our services. It is your sole responsibility to keep all your billing details up to date. CompleteNet shall not be held liable for any and all actions taken due not non-compliance in this regard.

Compensation For Services Not Rendered

In case CompleteNet is not able to render any guaranteed service or services the compensation if any to be given to the customer shall not exceed one month’s hosting fee.

For Further Queries

If you should have any further query or concern regarding our billing or billing policies, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.