Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have made this FAQs page as comprehensive as possible trying to include as many most frequently
asked questions as possible and despite our efforts if you have any other question that is not addressed here
do not hesitate to write to us through the Contact Us page in this website.

General Information FAQ’s

You are not alone in asking this question and this question is a reflection of the transition phase. However, you should know that this transition is taking place at a very rapid phase. If you do not work towards building strong online presence, you could lose out a huge chunk of your customer base to your competitors. More than 50% of the customers in most niches have started using the internet as the major source of information during the research phase of the buying cycle and a good number of people make use of the online ecommerce sites to buy the products and the services they want. Ignoring all these trends would mean nothing but your own peril.

Yes of course we can work with your business in setting up strong online presence. We have already worked with various types of businesses in a wide range of niches. You can take advantage of our vast experience. It does not matter how big or how small is your business operation and it does not matter what niche industry you belong to, we are ready to work with you in building your online presence and in helping you take your business to the next level.

Once you decide to take your business online, you need to first draw a clear specifications document stating your requirements clearly. If you do not know where to get started or how to go about it, do not worry, we will help you. All that you need to do is to complete a detailed questionnaire that we send you which will serve as a good starting point to get started.

There is no need to sign any long-term contracts. You can pick and choose the services you need and you can choose to go on a monthly basis so that there is no burden of long term of contracts pinning you down. You can choose to stop using our services anytime you like. There is no risk of long term contract and you enjoy complete freedom to use our services as long as you like.

No project is too big or too small of us at CompleteNet. We work with all types of businesses, big and small alike. We will be able to create a plan that best meets your requirements and that best fits your budget. We do not force down your throat rigid service plans or force you to sign up for packages with features that you may not use or that you may not need for your business. When you discuss your requirements with us, we will recommend what is best for you.

We will have a dedicated account manager who will be your one point of contact. Your project manager will keep you abreast with the latest proceedings. More to that you will be getting periodic reports the frequency of which will depend on the services you choose. You will also be able to keep track of the progress by following the analytics in your client login area. It is our assurance that you will never be left in the dark as far as the work done for your website.

We are a highly responsive company and getting in touch with us would never be a problem. You will have your own single point of contact, your account manager. You will be able to interact directly with your account manager who will be available to you through email, phone and even through instant messaging applications. We are just a phone call, email or a click away.

Taking your business online by launching a portfolio website or an ecommerce website is not enough. You need to make sure that your business is easily accessible to your target audience amidst the competition that prevails in your industry. The next step therefore would be to promote your website through digital marketing efforts and we can provide you with all the help you need here through our SEO and digital marketing services. We can also promote your brand in the social media platforms to improve your reach.

You will not be able to attract visitors to your website just by launching a website. Your target audience should know about your business and about your online presence. Digital marketing is what will help you here. It will take your business closer to your target audience. Digital marketing is an umbrella term and it refers to a group of techniques and strategies that are geared towards promoting your brand, website, products and services online.

Yes of course. We are truly a physical entity and we have full-fledged offices that you could visit anytime to discuss your requirements. We can also come and meet you if you would like to discuss your requirements.

Yes, we do take up projects in full or in parts from the other web design and web development agencies pertaining to the areas of or expertise. Web design and development agencies can extend their scope of their services to their clients and portfolio through our white labelled design and development services.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it refers to a set of processes that make your website search engine friendly. Our SEO services will take care of both on on-page SEO and Off-page SEO both aspects of SEO try to boost your online visibility in the right platforms for the chosen set of keywords that are bound to attract highly prospective visitors to your website.

When you make a quick search online for any product or service you need, you are bound to get hundreds of websites listed if not thousands. Among these you would only be visiting a few websites that are listed in the first or the second page of the search results. The goal of SEO is to get your website too to get listed in those top ten or twenty results because the rest of the listings are useless for the person searching for information and they will never visit those websites as they are virtually invisible to the prospective customer. Without SEO it is not possible to secure a space in the top ten or twenty results. There is no use having a website without getting any visitors so you better plan for SEO for your website.

As a business owner you need to consider SEO as an ongoing investment. As the competition level is soaring high in every niche, one needs to work on their website’s SEO on an ongoing basis. The moment you stop making efforts you will not just remain where you are but your visibility level will regress when more and more competitors emerge in the industry and soon you will get buried deep inside the competition.

If someone is promising you to get top ranking in the leading search engines overnight or within a very short time that is too good to be true then you should learn to stay away from such sources. SEO when done correctly will take a minimum of three months before you could start seeing any results. SEO is an organic process and as such it will take time. If you want instant visibility, you should opt for PPC or Pay Per Click. SEO brings organic traffic and it is a more sustainable approach even though it takes time to produce results. Do not aim for fast results with SEO but aim for quality results.

Success in SEO and the results do not depend only on our efforts and on what we do. There are so many other factors that come into play which ultimately decides the results. So no professional SEO service provider would guarantee you results because they know it is not in their complete control. Offering such guarantees would only be misleading promises to get you signed up. However, you can assess the overall success rate of the SEO company to assess how effective one could be in ranking your website.

We do primarily focus on Google because Google is monopolizing the search industry today. Reports show that more than 90% of the traffic to websites are through Google search. So if you can make it to Google results you could pretty much make it to the other search engines. Google uses the most advanced search algorithm, the most difficult one of all. So focusing on Google makes more SEO sense because when you get ranked in Google you will be able to get ranked in the other search engines too.

It is possible for all types of businesses to get listed in Google. Some digital marketing companies make you believe only companies that could spend top dollars can get their websites ranked in Google. It is not necessarily how much you spend that gets you top ranking in Google but what matters the most is what kind of strategies you are using to rank your website in Google. If you work with the right companies that are totally committed to delivering the best services using clean strategies you will be able to get good ranking in Google without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

Yes, local SEO is vital for all businesses and in particular to businesses that depend on footfalls from local customers or people in the surrounding areas. Even businesses that have a global presence should focus on strong local presence as it helps in reputation management of the brand which is vital for all organizations. Local SEO will also get you listed in the Google map listings and for location based searches for your industry based searches.

Absolutely not! When we build your online presence, we take payments for the services that we render and whatever we have built for you in terms of your online presence is already paid for and we do not change that in any way. We will do anything that is not professional. All the links we build for you are lifetime links unless the sources where we placed the links change them or remove them as per their own terms and conditions. We are therefore not responsible when a third party removes the link that we have placed for you at a later date.

Yes, of course! We will review your website’s penalty status and help you recover from any Google penalties that you may have brought up on your website through various efforts you have taken or due to some omissions on your part which made you violate the Google policies knowingly or unknowingly.
SEM & Pay Per Click FAQ's

Yes, your website could benefit through PPC campaigns. However it is important that the campaign is set up correctly and the campaign goals are fine-tuned by closely monitoring the results. Pay Per Click is a result oriented approach and it will get you instant traffic to your website.

Google AdWords is one of the most reliable pay per click program. However, your success rate will depend on how well the campaign is set up and how well it is managed. We can help you set up Google AdWords campaigns and manage it for you.

Our pay per click team will identify the top keywords for your campaigns and set up the campaign so that you get the highest ROI. We will continually monitor the performance of your campaigns and make necessary changes to improve the performance of your campaigns.
Web Design & Development FAQ's

When you buy a readymade template, it is not necessarily designed for your website. The template will not fully meet your specific requirements. Moreover, your website will not be unique as the same template would be used by a number of other websites. If you buy exclusive rights for the template, it will be as expensive as hiring a web design company and despite that your specific requirements would not be met. If you want a professional looking website, then hiring a web design company is the best way to go about it.

When you are building a website, it is important these days the websites are mobile friendly. More and more people are using their mobile phones and their tablets to access the internet. When your website is built using responsive script, the pages will render correctly automatically depending on the device used by the user offering the best user experience to the visitors as he or she does not have to continually zoom in and zoom out the pages if they are using a device with small sized display.

Yes, we do offer website revamping services to give an existing website a facelift both in terms of its visual appeal and also in terms of its search engine performance. Get in touch with us for a complete review of your existing website based on which we will be able to recommend the next steps.

As we build websites based on custom requirements and specifications the timeline for the completion of web design projects will vary. Upon reviewing your requirements we will be able to provide you with an accurate picture of the timeline. You will know the timeline in advance before commencing the project based on which you can make your decision.

At CompleteNet we make use of the latest web design and development technologies to meet the global standards. All our websites are hand coded and they are lightweight in nature to ensure the best online performance. Our websites are intuitive in nature when it comes to user experience. They are bug free and clutter free in terms of coding and so the search engines will not have any problem in parsing through the entire website.
Social Media Marketing FAQ's

Yes, without a doubt social media marketing is important for your website. If you want to improve your brand visibility and if you want to improve your reach, then social media marketing is crucial without which you could be left behind in the competition. template will not fully meet your specific requirements. Moreover, your website will not be unique as the same template would be used by a number of other websites. If you buy exclusive rights for the template, it will be as expensive as hiring a web design company and despite that your specific requirements would not be met. If you want a professional looking website, then hiring a web design company is the best way to go about it.

There are countless social media platforms. However we cover all the major social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn depending on the nature of your business.

You can of course manage your own social media marketing needs if that is the only thing you do. Social media marketing is a time-intense process and it will consume a lot of your time. if you are going to focus on your social media marketing needs personally, then all the other aspects of your business will not get the attention that they need. Moreover, social media marketing requires consistent efforts. The moment you stop making those efforts your visibility level will come down. So it is best to hire professional social media marketing companies to take care of your needs and we are here to help you.
Miscellaneous FAQ's

CompleteNet comes with several years of experience and as such we have secured our own space in the digital marketing industry. In terms of accreditations and certifications, we are recognized by Google and Bing as certified partners.