100% Money Back Guarantee

Choose our digital marketing solutions enjoying complete peace of mind as they come
cladded with 100% money back guarantee.

What we offer

100% Money Back Guarantee – For Real!

CompleteNet is committed to offering its customers with consistently good quality services. We take pride in delivering nothing but the best. To make it easy for you to select and try our services in an absolutely risk-free environment we offer you hassle free money back guarantee on all our services.

We Work To Your Satisfaction

As a professional digital marketing agency we are here to give our customers complete satisfaction. We try to do justice to your requirements in every way possible. Despite our efforts if you are not happy with what we deliver we offer you 100% refund (terms and conditions apply). Our money back guarantee is policy driven and our commitment to take care of your requirements in the best way possible enable us to promise this money back guarantee. We require you to understand the terms and conditions fully before you contact us for refunds.

All the services are delivered to industry standards meeting your requirements as per the service agreement. Please do have all your concerns addressed right at the start and we are here to help you with the answers to your queries so that you sign the service agreement in full understanding.

Stringent Quality Measures Deployed

We strive to meet the highest quality standards in all our services. All the services we undertake are fully tested before delivery for errors and bugs. We also offer continued support during the integration phase and in case you should experience any issues that result due to the products that we delivered to you, we will be ready to rectify the issues in the elements that we delivered to you. This does not cover any issues that you may be experiencing due to the technical limitations that you may be facing through the other third party services that you engage. We assure you the best services and our support. You will never be left stranded as we look forward to long term association with our customers and we believe that our existence is justified only as much as we are able to meet your requirements.

When Is The Money Back Guarantee Applicable?

Our risk free digital marketing services come with 100% money back guarantee and this guarantee can be claimed in the following circumstances governed by the applicable terms and conditions.

  • Cancellation of the order for reasons of your own before the work on the project is initiated.
  • Non completion of work as per the agreed timeline.
  • Total dissatisfaction on the final product delivered with adequate supporting reasons for the same.

When is the money back guarantee not applicable?

The money back guarantee will not be applicable once the final ZIP file is delivered to the customer. The final product is delivered only after the customer has fully tested and fully satisfied with the product that we build for them. So the money back claim if any to be raised should be done before the final zip file is sent to the customer.

For Further Queries

If you should have further questions, doubts or need any clarifications on our money back guarantee do feel free to get in touch with us through email: info@completenet.com or by calling us: +91 98 7060 1426