Our Process

Completely streamlined processes to consistently not just deliver to customers'
expectations but to exceed those expectations.

How We start

The Basics Covered

CompleteNet with its vast experience building websites and completing several web development projects of various sizes, small medium and large for clients across the globe makes use of tested and proven processes to deliver the best solutions of the highest quality in the shortest time possible.

  • We protect your idea

    Signing of NDA

    Data privacy and protection of your business ideas is our top priority. We share the same concern as you do in terms of the data privacy and that is why we sign Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) before we commence any project.

  • Consultation & Concept Assessment

    Requirements Analysis

    This is where we discuss your requirements in detail trying to understand your needs, what you are looking for, how we can help you and how feasible to arrive at the solutions you are looking for and what exactly needs to be done to get the required results.

  • Free Project Proposal

    Cost and Time Analysis

    Once we understand your requirements and chart out what it would take to achieve the solutions you need, the next phase is cost and time analysis. We will provide you with a detailed quote along with the timeframe and all the terms and conditions.

Our Strategy

Project Commencement

Once all the initial customer sign up and account setup formalities are completed the project will commence. The right team is assigned for the task and the project details are transferred to the designated team. The assigned team will drill deep into the requirements you have submitted and the proposal given to you and build a strategy that best suits to take things forward so as to meet your requirements within the agreed timeframe.

  • Workshop

    Setting the Stage

    The whole process starts with setting the stage. This is where we will understand more about your target audience because we are building whatever we are building for your target audience and it has to be therefore relevant to them in the first place.

  • Competior Analysis

    Understanding Your Competition

    This is a crucial phase because only when your website and online platform is one cut above the rest it will get noticed. Our team will perform a detailed competitor analysis and we will set the benchmark for your project.

  • Wireframing

    Road Mapping

    This is where the entire project is broken down into smaller parts and the entire roadmap of progression is charted to the last detail. The wireframe is then matched with your requirements to establish that all your requirements are fully addressed.

  • Software analysis & Design

    Bottle Necks and Software Architecture

    During this phase all the design and development processes are finalized, brainstorming on the possible bottlenecks during the development phase and come up with solutions for the bottlenecks. Finally we build a comprehensive software architecture.

  • Project Documentation


    Detailed documentation is prepared for the entire project. The goal here is to provide all the stakeholders including the project manager, developers and the client connected with this project a complete understanding of the whole project.

  • User Engagement Testing

    Engagement Index Testing

    Whatever we are building, we are building for the end users. During this phase the engagement level of the users in the system we build is tested so that you get a high performance system built for your brand.

User friendly designs

Creatives Commence – Meeting The Needs

When it comes to building a website, both aesthetic appeal and the functionality are equally important.
We therefore never compromise one for the other.

User friendly designs
  • Drawing Inspirations

    Drawing Inspirations

    As we are working in a creative gamut, it is important to have the right inspirations to set the entire creative tone of the project. We draw our inspirations from customer requirements, after all we need to meet the demands and preferences of the client.

  • interface


    Upon receiving your feedback and approval of the design concepts our team will proceed further working on the details and completing the entire design keeping in mind your branding needs as well as online performance of the pages we build.

  • prototyping


    Upon designing the other elements we will send you the work for sampling the user experience so that you could test the flow as the end user.

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Quality Control

Quality assurance process

Our entire project development process is geared towards delivering the best quality solutions. The entire process is subjected to stringent quality control tests throughout the development stages so that all the quality related issues are fixed there and then to avoid unnecessary delays at the end.











It Is Time To Grow

We Help Your Business Grow

Our services and process do not stop with building a powerful website for you but we also help our customers in taking their business to the next level through continuous growth through various ways.

  • Analytics and recommendation

    Professional Review and Improvement

    Our team reviews the entire website and also the apps closely to identify areas and elements of improvement. We focus on all the core areas including but not limited to user-friendliness, user experience, loading time, page speed score and much more.

  • Timely support

    Round The Clock Support

    You will never be left stranded in times of issues with your online platform. We provide round-the-clock support so that all the issues are resolved in a timely fashion. Our team also continually monitors the health of your website.

  • Stay Up-To-Date

    Ongoing Updates

    As many new technology updates are happening on a weekly basis, we will ensure that your online platforms are staying abreast in terms of the technology updates.

  • Continuous enhancement

    Regular Fine Tuning

    As we are continually collecting data about your website’s performance and also on the latest trends, we will fine tune your application based on the information we gather on an ongoing basis.

  • Training

    Resolving Bugs

    Given the nature of this field new operational bugs can emerge anytime in this industry but you do not have to worry as we are here to take care of those bugs in the shortest time possible.

  • Relationships

    Outsourcing Support

    If you are a development company and if you need some additional support in dealing with your current massive projects, we have all the required IT skills and we will be happy to help.


Our Happy Customers

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Happy Customer 12

We have been very happy dealing with CompleteNet on various digital marketing projects. They have extended very dependable services and they have shown great dexterity in delivering their services. We liked their consistency in the quality of the services offered. Certainly one of the best companies in the industry in our experience.

We loved working with this company. They are very good at what they do. We are totally impressed with the creativity of the design team at Completenet. They were not only able to capture everything that we said fully but also give shape it is in such an appealing way.

Can't thank Completenet enough. For a change, very refreshing experience working with true professionals. It is rare to find such these days. The best part is that Completenet team was ready to listen to us and work with us rather than trying to sell their high priced solutions.

Completenet by far the best company in our experience. We have worked with number of web development companies. Everyone starts well but they somehow fail to impress us down the line. With Completenet things were a lot different. They kept impressing us right from day one to the day they handed over our project.

This company cares! Yes, often issues come with the web development companies and customers mainly because they do not care. Completenet is really concerned about customer satisfaction. They are a very professional but friendly team.

Thanks to Completenet, a trustworthy company. I have at last found my go to company. I am able to confidently send all my web development needs to this company knowing that they will take care of my needs. They deliver on time without having to follow up with them anxiously.

I have been working with Completenet for a number of years. Over the years we have built a very good relationship with this company. They are very honest and trustworthy service providers. They are also very reasonable in terms of their pricing. They have highly experienced designers and coding experts. Thanks to their ongoing support.

Having worked with Completenet on a couple of projects, I am able to say that this is a very reliable company. They are very professional in their approach and they always set realistic deadlines for the job and never make false promises. These things have certainly made me come back to them for all my design and development needs.

I am happy that I managed to find this company. They made our journey through many complicated projects easy. If it were not to be for this company, we would not have successfully pulled through so many projects within a short time.

A dependable web development company. They are always there to listen to our concerns and address them in the most professional way within the shortest time. We are now able to enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that all our development needs are now going to talented and skilled hands.

I have worked with Completenet on a number of projects. We use this company for our own internal development needs and also for our clients’ web development needs. They always deliver the best and manage to impress us.

I love the website your team designed for my business. They showed a very high level of expertise and they were ready to listen to my requirements. I am glad that I managed to find your company because I was not sure whether I would be able to give shape to the ideas that I had in my head. You did a good job and thanks.