Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us!



The following page and its content referred to as the Privacy Policy of CompleteNet, henceforth referred to as the ‘Company’ states explicitly the company’s commitment to the user’s right to privacy. The company maintains a very high level of transparency to its privacy policy. The following page is to explain clearly how the company will use the data collected about the users. As per the privacy policy of the company we track and use the IP address of the visitors to this website to render the best services possible. The same is used in diagnosing various issues in our web servers. In an effort to provide the required service we collect information such as the name of the visitor, contact information of the website users who are seeking our services.

This website features content from number of other websites and links to other websites whose content is not controlled by us. We are not liable for any issues faced by the users because of such content or the links placed in our websites. Users are expected to use their sole discretion in consuming such data.


Based on the nature of the interaction the company gathers and stores personal information of the users including but not limited to the first name, last name, contact information including physical address, phone number and email address. Other details such as gender and date of birth may also be collected. All the information is used on approval of the user for customized communications with the respective user.

The company however will use a high level of discretion in using sensitive user information. The user information is not sold or disclosed to any marketing agencies or third parties. We may use unidentifiable details which cannot be tracked down to individuals for designing our marketing campaigns and for better understanding of our customer base.


Our servers are programmed to automatically collect information about the website visitors including but not limited to the IP address, domain names, time of visit, geographic territory of the visitor, the device used to access the website, pages visited, movement within the website, the amount of time spent in each page and so on. These user analytics help us understand our users better so that we could serve them better each time they visit our website. The website uses cookies to keep track of the visitors and their data.


All the information gathered, either submitted by the user or automatically collected by the servers are used to provide highly customized services to our website visitors. We strive to offer personalized user experience by continually analyzing the data gathered. This enables the company to provide faster services including providing faster quotes and faster processing of user transaction. The information is shared with third parties only if it is essential for the purposes of completing your order. The company may use the email addresses of the users for occasionally communicating with the customers about the promotional offers for sending newsletters and RSS feed. This however is applicable only to the users who subscribe to such communications. The users are free to unsubscribe to such communications anytime they like.


Users may at any time stop receiving the marketing mails and other communications that are of promotional nature by unsubscribing to these communications.


The company reserves the right to change or make amendments to these privacy policies without any prior notice. By using the website the users agree to check the privacy policy regularly and agree to the latest prevailing privacy policy.


CompleteNet assures the users that it has taken all possible measures to safeguard and protect the personal information gathered from being misused. However, the company shall not be held liable for loss or misuse of such data due to reasons that are unforeseen and beyond the reasonable control of the company.


If the user should contact us to update their records such as contact details or other such personal information they can email us any time: For any questions or doubts regarding our privacy policy do feel to contact us through the contact us page or by calling: +91 98 7060 1426