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Terms & Condition

CompleteNet henceforth be referred to as the company, owns and operates this website. Visitors to this website agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated in this page. All the terms and conditions stated in this page will be reviewed and updated at the discretion of the company periodically. The company at its discretion can choose to refuse its services to any individuals or to any business without any need for explanations.


All the visitors to this website accept to follow the terms and conditions. Any visitor or user who does not agree with these terms and conditions are requested not to access this site or use its services. The users of this site warrant that they are an adult as per the legal age in their own territories from where they are accessing this website. The company is free to change any terms and conditions and its scope anytime without any prior notice.

Visitor Privacy

At CompleteNet we respect the privacy of every visitor and every user of this website and we are committed to maintaining and guarding your privacy 100%. The company does not store any individual’s information and does not sell the IP address or any other data pertaining to its visitors which the website may collect to understand the user patterns so as to deliver the best user experience to the visitors. This privacy policy is subjected to the jurisdiction of India. The company shall be obliged to share the user data with the government authorities if requested on the grounds of national security or otherwise demanded by the law.


All the website’s content including but not limited to the website’s architecture, technology, text, graphic elements, art forms, images, audio files, videos and animations are protected under the India Copyright and Trademark laws and the same shall not be duplicated, copied, reproduced, distributed or published in full or in parts neither in print format or in online digital formats. All the copyright protected information in this website shall not be rented or leased or sold or transferred in part of full or stored as archived in any storage devices. Reverse engineering and mirroring are also prohibited.


All the links to third parties placed in this website are only for navigation purposes only. The company does not have any control over these third party websites or pages. Visitors are required to use their own discretion in visiting those pages or websites at their sole risk. The company does not promote or endorse any product or services featured in the third party websites whose links are placed in this website.


The use of language that is either directly or implicitly defamatory, racist, hateful, vulgar, sexist or profane nature is not tolerated in this website. The company shall not offer and render any services to companies or individuals that promote such content or business. The company also does not engage in business with any individuals or companies that engage in illegal activities and content that promote terrorism and other socially objectionable behavior. The company deserves the right to deny service to such parties and remove any content that may be published by the users without any notice and without any need for explanation or justification. The company has the right to block any user who is in violation of this policy from using this website.


By using this website the visitor accepts that he or she is doing so at their own risk. The company, its directors, staff, affiliates and anyone that is linked to the company in any direct or indirect way offer any guarantee or warranty on uninterrupted services or for error free services. No warranties or guarantees are also issued with respect to the accuracy, and the suitability of the service. All the services offered here in this website are done so as, “As Is” service without any representations of warranty or guarantee. The customer is required to use their own discretion in assessing the suitability, merchantability and reliability of the services offered for their purposes and audience. The company shall not be held liable under no circumstances on the oversights of the customers in this regard and for the resulting damages, losses including loss of revenue, profit and other injuries suffered.

The company shall also not be held liable for mistakes, errors, viruses, delays, omissions, malfunctions and interruptions and the resulting losses or damages due to theft, communication issues, acts of God, hacking or other unauthorized access and unforeseen circumstances.

In case of jurisdictions where such exclusion or limitation is not allowed the subsequent liability for damages shall not exceed the expenses incurred by the customer for the services offered by the company.

These terms and conditions does not interfere with the statutory rights of any individual or liablity of the losses and damages caused due to the negligence of the company or attempts of fraud by the company.


The users accept that they indemnify and preserve that the company, its directors, officers, employees, partners, agents and affiliates harmless from any and all claims and liability challenges raised by any and all third parties on account of any commission or omission by the user o this website.


All queries and concerns pertaining to trademark and copyright infringement shall be directed to the following address: Kush Infosystem Pvt. Ltd A-106, Bldg no.5, First Floor, Opposite Time Square, CCD lane. Mittal Industrial Estate, Andheri (East Mumbai - 400059


The company operates from Mumbai, India. The company makes no claims or representation on the suitability of the content or the services offered for use in other geographic territories. The users are responsible for establishing the suitability and legal compliance before contracting the company for its services. The company disclaims responsibility for any and all attempts made by the user to engage in business with the company from any country or location which is banned by the Indian Government for traded and commerce or locations or countries that are under the list of Enemy countries by the Indian Government. The company does not provide any service or users who reside or who engage in business activities from any enemy country. All the information and promotional information featured in this website and also the services offered through this website comply with the Indian Laws.


The company holds the right to make changes to the scope of its services, modify any of its services, discontinue temporarily or permanently any of its services or the site at any point of time without any explanation or intimation. The company shall not be held liable to the user or to any third parties for any such amendments.


The user without any limitations agrees to abide by the above terms and conditions. This agreement is subjected to the jurisdiction of Mumbai India and is construed in compliance with the laws of the Republic of India. The stakeholders of these terms and conditions agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction o Mumbai India. In case any action is to be enforced to be in compliance of these terms and conditions the party under question will be eligible to claim the costs incurred for the process and for the advocates fee.