Terms of Service

Terms of Service applicable to all the services offered by CompleteNet.

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All the services offered by CompleteNet henceforth referred as ‘the Company’ will be governed by following Terms of Service featured in this page. All those who make use of these services henceforth referred as the customer / the customers, agree to these Terms of Service. The Company will be providing all its services as per the Terms of Service in this page. The Terms of Service will be periodically reviewed and updated and the customers are required to keep themselves updated of the prevailing Terms of Service. These changes to the policy shall be by no means considered the grounds for non-payment in any form or for the early termination of the service.

Legal Disclosures

As per the acceptable use of the policy, (AUP) the company can and will disclose all the necessary information about the customer to the legal bodies based on the written request submitted by the respective legal bodies without any need for the consent or notification to the customer. The services of the company shall not be used for any illegal activities and in such cases the company has the right to revoke any and all the service/s offered to the customers who are engaging in illegal activities.

Service Rates

The customer is responsible for understanding the nature of the services offered by the company and also about all the associated costs involved. The company shall communicate all the required information pertaining to the service offerings and the costs to the customer before the commencement of the services. However, this does not prohibit the company from changing the specified fee as per its discretion. All promotional offers will depend on factors including but not limited to the fee levied on company by its suppliers. All costs and fee involving third party software licenses offered as part of the services offered by the Company shall change without any prior written notice as and when modified by the third party suppliers.

Setting Up of Account And Payment

All the accounts will be set up only upon the successful receipt of the stipulated payment in full and the same will be charged on an annual basis on the anniversary date for the continuation of the service.

Lapsed Payments

All the services to accounts that have not paid the stipulated charges for more than 15 days past its due date shall be interrupted. Reconnection charges for the accounts to which the services are stalled due to non-payment will be charged at the rate of Rs 4999 +GST per reconnection. All late payments will elicit a late fee at the rate of 10% of the total stipulated fee. For the cancellation of the accounts respective procedures given in this Terms of Service shall be followed.

Refund Policy

Dedicated server services are not covered under the refund policy and the payments made to towards dedicated servers including the any setup charges involved shall not be refunded at any cost. The 30-day money back guarantee is applicable only for the other hosting services not including dedicated server hosting. In case of overcharges or wrong billing the same shall be intimated to the company within the 30 days of such billing. The refund policy covers only the first time accounts with the company. If the customer should have had an account with the company any time in the past which has been cancelled before signing up again the refund policy shall be considered void in such instances.

Non Payment Of Fee

The company has the right to terminate or deny any and all services to accounts on the grounds of non-payment of fee as per the due dates. The company shall not be held liable for any and all losses that occur due to such termination or denial of the services. Termination or denial of the services shall by no means considered ground for non-payment of the all the accrued costs including but not limited to the collection fee and the interest accrued.

Cancellation Of Account

All requests to cancellation of account shall be submitted in writing and the minimum notice period required for such cancellations is ten days but not exceeding thirty days. The written requests shall be mailed to info@completenet.com from the registered email id.

The company has the right to cancel the accounts that have availed the services any illegal activities. The company has the right to cancel the accounts that transmit, store or present content from any of the following list of banned content /scenarios that includes but not limited to:

  • Illegal use of copyrighted work
  • Audio, video, music files without adequate copyrights
  • Misleading material / false claims
  • Defamatory content
  • Pirated software
  • Password cracking and hacking
  • IP spoofing
  • HYIP sites
  • Proxy set-ups
  • Hosting of IRC server
  • Bit Torrents scripts

Interruption Of Services

Customers agree that the company shall not be held liable for the losses incurred and the damages suffered because of the interruption of the services for reasons other than negligence of the company. Customers also agree that in case of negligence of the company the charges that are payable to the customer shall not exceed the amount that is equivalent to the charges applicable for the period for which the services are occurred. The company shall not be held liable for any and all consequential losses or damages.

Customer Support

The company agrees to provide round the clock, 24x7x365 support to all customers. Such support will be limited only to our areas of expertise and shall not cover cgi programming, HTML coding or other similar issues. The scope of the company’s support shall not be extended to your customers. Before contacting the customer support desk you are expected to first check our website and also the Help files of the programs you are using, for the answers you need, which may already be present there.

SPAM Control

Unsolicited Commercial Email and Spam are totally prohibited and our network shall not be used for any such activities or link to any services that use our network for such purposes.

You are also not allowed to send bulk emails through proxies or HTTP or SOCKS. All violations could bring about account suspension or termination as the case may dictate. Such accounts will be blacklisted for spamming. The company has the right to sample any bulk emails sent from the company’s servers.

In case an account gets blacklisted the company is in no way obligated to change the IP address of the blacklisted account.

Please be notified that any and all violations to the SPAM policy will attract strong penalties. During the investigation period the customers shall be restricted access to the network so has to avoid further violations. If the violations are proven the company has the right to suspend or terminate the account under question. Such violations will also attract civil remedies to retrieve any associated costs. In case the violation should be of criminal offense the company will intimate law enforcement department of the same.

First violation to spam policy will elicit a fee of Rs. 8599 +GST towards the administrative fee and the account under question will be under review for termination.

Second violation will elicit a fee of Rs 15799 +GST plus the termination with immediate effect.

Customers are responsible for the actions of their clients and their violations against the company’s spam policy.


IP Address

The right to use an IP address assigned to the customer shall remain with the Company the customer shall use the assigned IP address only as permitted by the company during the term of service. The company shall have the ownership of all the IP addresses assigned to the customers. The company has the right to change or remove all such IP addresses. Allocation of the IP addresses is governed by the latest ARIN and APINIC policies. As per these latest policies the use of name based hosting where possible instead of using virtual hosts. The IP addresses will be reviewed at a regular frequency and in case a name-based hosting is possible in a particular instance, the authorization to such IP addresses will be revoked.

Server Resource Usage

The usage status of server resources shall be requested by the customer through email. In case of any overage in the bandwidth or disk usage the same shall be charged in the subsequent month wherever such charges are applicable. Bandwidth overage calculations are done as per the concrete data collected at each port on all the activities taking place on the network. The company reserves the right to charge the credit card on file a deposit amount during such overages. Failing to clear the invoices submitted towards bandwidth overages within 48 hours will lead to suspension of services.


All violations against system or network security will lead to civil or criminal liability. Instances of security violations include but are not limited to:

  • Accessing unauthorized data
  • Unauthorized probing of the network’s security vulnerabilities
  • Activities such as email blasts, flooding or crashing which interfere with the performance of the network.
  • Forging of TCP/IP packet header on email or newsgroup posting
  • Trying to obtain services that one is not entitled to obtain

Violation Notifications

  • The company is not responsible for monitoring all the internet activities of accounts for violations of the Acceptable Use Policy of our terms of service.
  • On the first violation of the Terms of Service an email notification will be sent to the customer. Further to that the account may be temporarily suspended at the discretion of the company. Such suspensions will be in force until the customer vouches to refrain from such activities and the same shall be given in writing.
  • On the second violation of the Terms of Service the account under question shall be suspended or terminated immediately without further notice.
  • The company reserves the right to act immediately without notifying the customer in case the offending activity of the customer is causing serious damage and harm to the other parties on the internet. In such instances the company will contact the customer at the earliest instance possible.

Suspension / Cancellation of Service

In case of violation or unauthorized or inappropriate activity of the customer the company shall suspend the network access to such customers and all the associated accounts will be deactivated until the investigation proves otherwise. In such instances the customer is not entitled to prior notifications. In case of criminal offenses the same shall be notified to the law enforcement department and the same shall not be eligible for any compensatory time for the suspended period.

Change of Policies

The company at its discretion shall review all the above policies periodically and the company reserves the right to make amendments to its policies anytime. Customers are responsible for keeping themselves updated of the latest Terms of Service and change of policies shall not be stated as grounds for failures in abiding to the policies.


By using the services of CompleteNet the customer agrees to indemnify the company for any violation of the Terms of service that leads to loss to the company or to any claims against the company by any third-party. The customer will be liable for all the damages and claims caused due to the activity of the customer while using the services of the company. This includes all costs including the attorney’s fee.


  • The customer is responsible for keeping their records up to date with the company including the contact information, email, FAX and the telephone number.
  • Any waivers offered by the company are applicable only for the instance it is issued and not for any future instances and the same shall not be stated as case for future waivers.
  • This agreement shall not be transferred or assigned to others without getting the approval of the company in writing.
  • The company can cancel the right of the customer under contract at any time.
  • The company shall not be held liable for any content posted in the content posted in the websites that are linked to the company’s network.
  • Any and all links presented in the company’s network are only for navigation purposes and the customers are responsible for inappropriate use of such links in a way that violates the Terms of Service.
  • The company shall not be held liable for any damage the customer may suffer. No explicit or implicit warranties are issues for any of the services of CompleteNet. The company denies all such warranties.


The customer is responsible for all the content in all the formats including the databases and the images stored in our server under the customer’s account.

Data Backup

The company does not guarantee backup accuracy and frequency for the data stored in the company’s server. The customer is responsible for the backup of their own data unless otherwise they have purchased additional backup service from the company.

Guidelines for Windows Servers

  • No more than five authenticated users shall be allowed by the customers and violations will result in liability issues.
  • The copyright trademarks and proprietary rights notices shall not be removed or obscured or modified for any software product that is used.
  • Software products used shall not be modified in any form including reverse engineering or disassembling them.
  • The company shall provide access to the customer for third party applications or products as reseller and for such products support shall be provided by the company and not by the third party vendors. No warranties or guarantees are issued by the company or by the third party vendors for such products and applications for which you are given access. Customers who make use of such products or services agree to use them at their own discretion and risk and that the access to such products are provided under 'as is' condition without any direct or implied warranty of any sort and the company takes responsibility of any legal liability.
  • Customers are responsible to abide by the Terms of Service of the third party services or products to which they are provided access to and are fully liable to damages or losses caused to the third party vendor or to the company due to the inappropriate use of such services.

Service Denial

CompleteNet reserves the right to deny service to anyone at any time for any reason without having to explain.