Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting that you could count on! Provide highly reliable online presence even amidst highly demanding
server loads for your business and continue impressing your customers.

Attractive Prices

Linux VPS Hosting

Powerful Linux VPS with Guaranteed Resources, cPanel/WHM (Optional),
Complete Root Access & Free Setup.

  • Basic

    2199/ Monthly

    1. 2 vCPU
    2. 2 GB RAM
    3. 50 GB SSD
    4. 1 TB Monthly
    5. Choice of Linux Distributions
    6. Plesk or cPanel (Optional)
  • Standard

    2999 / Monthly

    1. 2 vCPU
    2. 3 GB RAM
    3. 75 GB SSD
    4. 2 TB Monthly
    5. Choice of Linux Distributions
    6. Plesk or cPanel (Optional)
    7. 25 GB Free R1Soft Backup
  • Enterprise

    3999 / Monthly

    1. 4 vCPU
    2. 4 GB RAM
    3. 100 GB SSD
    4. 3 TB Monthly
    5. Choice of Linux Distributions
    6. Plesk or cPanel(Optional)
    7. 50 GB Free R1Soft Backup
  • Corporate

    4999 / Monthly

    1. 6 vCPU
    2. 6 GB RAM
    3. 125 GB SSD
    4. 4 TB Monthly
    5. Choice of Linux Distributions
    6. Plesk or cPanel(Optional)
    7. 75 GB Free R1Soft Backup

Features Linux VPS

Completenet VPS hosting gives customers complete peace of mind – your hosting choices could make or break your business.
At Completenet we are here to assure you complete satisfaction through our exceptional hosting solutions.

  • Robust Resource Provisioning

    Robust Resource Provisioning

    We guarantee exceptional website performance regardless of the resource demands at any given point of time.

  • Any OS You Need

    Any OS You Need

    You will be able to select any Operating System for your core server while setting up your Virtual Private Server.

  • Best Support

    Best Support

    We provide excellent customer support with a dedicated team to assist you.

Why Us

If you are still in a dilemma and wondering whether you should choose us,
then here are some compelling reasons why you should stick to Completenet VPS Linux hosting.

  • Fully Managed Server Solutions

    Fully Managed Server Solutions

    When you sign up for Completenet Linux VPS hosting you are assuring yourself the best hosting services. We offer fully managed hosting solution with a huge team of support professionals standing by to assist you. You can easily reach us through phone, user section support tickets and through website live chat.

  • Select any user interface Plesk or cPanel

    Select any user interface Plesk or cPanel

    At Completenet you will be able to select any graphical user interface for managing your hosting account. We offer both Plesk and cPanel with end to end support regardless of the GUI you select. You will enjoy 24x7 customer service.

  • Reboot From Anywhere

    Reboot From Anywhere

    Through our remote reboot option you will be able to reboot your Virtual Private Server from anywhere. This is a complete DIY solution that you do not have to depend on your server administrator. This puts server management completely in your control.

  • Easy Configuration of R1Soft Backup

    Easy Configuration of R1Soft Backup

    Even in times of worst data loss crisis you are fully covered with R1Soft Backup. You can take remote backups easily along with detailed reports. Your data is always available without any fear of loss.


Total Control of Your VPS Hosting

One of the most important decisions that you will be making on the technology front as a business owner is selecting your hosting solution. Our fully customizable Linux VPS hosting comes as a perfect solution for all your hosting needs.

When you select a hosting solution what you need is 100% reliability and good performance. Completenet ensures that these factors are taken into account. We ensure that our customers get the best value for their money.

All our Linux VPS hosting solutions are designed to cater to the most popular demands in the industry. You will enjoy high performance hosting at the cost of shared hosting. The Virtual Private Servers are designed to operate as a dedicated server. This simply means you will be able to configure the server to your liking. You will even be able to create the required server environment by installing your own software.

The best part is that our VPS hosting solutions allow you to host unlimited domains. You could even setup a hosting reseller service with our VPS solutions.

What to expect from Completenet Linux VPS Hosting?

  • No resource limitations
  • Option to select your own OS while configuring
  • Host as many domains as you like to or need.
  • Complete root access
  • Advantages of a dedicated server at the cost of shared hosting
  • Exceptional performance even in highly demanding situations

Completenet VPS hosting solutions offer you a highly flexible hosting environment starting from the selection of the preferred OS to the selection of the right GUI. We have taken utmost care to offer the highest level of security to our clients. Your data privacy along with server security is well taken care. We make use of the latest VPS technology that helps you reach the highest performance indices. You can confidently select Completenet VPS hosting regardless of the nature of the website/s you would like to host in our servers.


Our Happy Customers

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