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Attractive Prices

WordPress Hosting

We have put together the best hosting packages keeping in mind the most popular features that our customers look for to give them the most comprehensive hosting solution that they could possibly think of for their online presence. All our hosting packages not only come with all the latest features that you need but they also come at the most affordable prices for the value you get for the package you choose.

All our hosting plans come with easy to use admin panel, which even someone with no prior experience will be able to handle it without a problem. Take no chances with your choice of hosting packages because your website builds customer trust and you want a hosting plan that supports you achieve this goal with the highest server uptime in the industry.

  • Lite

    199 / Monthly

    1. 1GB SSD Storage
    2. Unlimited Bandwidth
    3. Host 1 WordPress Site
    4. WordPress Toolkit
    5. No Email Account
    6. No Free Domain
    7. 24X7 technical Support
    8. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Standard

    375 / Monthly

    1. 5GB SSD Storage
    2. Unlimited Bandwidth
    3. Host 2 WordPress Sites
    4. WordPress Toolkit
    5. No Email Account
    6. 1 Free Domain
    7. 24X7 technical Support
    8. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Business

    599 / Monthly

    1. 10GB SSD Storage
    2. Unlimited Bandwidth
    3. Host 5 Wordpress Site
    4. WordPress Toolkit
    5. No Email Account
    6. 1 Free Domain
    7. 24x7 Technical Support
    8. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Enterprise

    899 / Monthly

    1. 20GB SSD Storage
    2. Unlimited Bandwidth
    3. Host 15 Wordpress Site
    4. WordPress Toolkit
    5. No Email Account
    6. 1 Free Domain
    7. 24x7 Technical Support
    8. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Features of wordpress hosting

Completenet offers you outstanding WordPress hosting solutions. Here are some of the top features of our WordPress hosting solutions and the reasons why you should choose our WordPress hosting service.

  • High Performance Low Cost

    Fully optimized for performance

    At Completenet we ensure that you get the best value for your money through our high performance servers. We have optimized our servers to provide you with a highly secure and stable hosting platform.

  • Multi-Site Capable

    Host Multiple Sites

    You can now host multiple WordPress websites within a single hosting account. You can control each website as an individual entity using our advanced control panel.

  • Pre-installed WP

    Easy WordPress Installation

    WordPress installation and management has never been this easier. We have pre-installed WordPress hosting solutions with round the clock support.

Why Us

If you are tired of searching for the best hosting solutions then at last you can stop your search here are the reasons why you should choose Completenet.

  • Managed Hosting 24x7

    Completely hassle free managed hosting solution

    Completenet provides end to end hosting solutions for all your WordPress hosting needs. The best part is that we offer fully managed hosting. This means you do not have to worry about server maintenance issues. Everything will be taken care at our end.

  • Advanced Control Panel

    User friendly control panel

    You will be provided with an easy to use, user friendly control panel. You will be able to handle all the hosting management tasks from email setup to new domain management in the most hassle free way in few easy clicks.

  • Free Migration

    Easy Migration

    You will be able to easily move your existing WordPress files from another hosting account to our hosting account easily through a single click. We will take care of the migration process.

  • Free Pre-Installed Theme & Plugins

    Useful plugins and resources

    Completenet WordPress hosting comes with many useful plugins and themes. These are free and ready to use plugins that will help you get started right away.

What we offer

Web Hosting

Powerful VPS with Root Access

Completenet.com brings you the most comprehensive range of website hosting solutions. Our most reliable hosting services will help you enjoy stable online presence. The success or failure of your website depends very much on the quality of your website's hosting. Completenet.com guarantees its customers 99.99% server uptime. All our servers are well secured to offer you with the safest hosting solutions. Your website and your data will be absolutely safe with our hosting solutions.

Not many website owners are aware of the fact that their online success and their search engine ranking are very closely linked to their server uptime. If your website is frequently down search engines will not be able to crawl your web pages fully and this will affect your ranking. Don't worry with Completenet.com's reliable hosting solutions, you will never run into such problems. Unstable websites also have very negative impact on your customers. Your reliability will become highly questionable if your website frequently runs into server issues. Choose Completenet.com and protect your website from all such issues. We have several website hosting packages to meet your varied hosting requirements. All our hosting packages are highly cost effective and you will now be able to give your website with the most trustworthy hosting within your budget. All our servers use the most advanced hardware to provide you with unparalleled hosting solutions.

Enjoy Cost Effective Hosting Solutions

Enjoy Cost Effective Hosting Solutions

Choose our hosting services and enjoy great savings. All our hosting packages come to you at the cheapest prices. You can enjoy secure hosting solutions at reasonable prices. Our company offers both shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. Don't waste your time searching for a better and a cheaper website hosting company; with Completenet.com you will be able to enjoy cheap hosting services without having to worry about the quality of the hosting services.

Premium quality hosting solutions just few clicks away. Choose any package of your choice and we will set up your hosting in just few minutes. Give your website the most stable online presence, win the trust and confidence of your customers.

Excellent Customer Support

Excellent Customer Support

To match our unparalleled hosting packages we offer our customers with the most dependable customer support. We endeavor to respond to all your support tickets in the shortest time possible. We understand the gravity of hosting issues better than anyone else in the industry; we will resolve all the hosting issues with the fastest turnaround time to ensure the highest server uptime in the industry.

We offer 24x7 support to our customers and you will certainly be impressed with the quality of our hosting solutions and the standard of our customer support. We are committed to offering our services with the world-class hosting solutions.


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We have been very happy dealing with CompleteNet on various digital marketing projects. They have extended very dependable services and they have shown great dexterity in delivering their services. We liked their consistency in the quality of the services offered. Certainly one of the best companies in the industry in our experience.

We loved working with this company. They are very good at what they do. We are totally impressed with the creativity of the design team at Completenet. They were not only able to capture everything that we said fully but also give shape it is in such an appealing way.

Can't thank Completenet enough. For a change, very refreshing experience working with true professionals. It is rare to find such these days. The best part is that Completenet team was ready to listen to us and work with us rather than trying to sell their high priced solutions.

Completenet by far the best company in our experience. We have worked with number of web development companies. Everyone starts well but they somehow fail to impress us down the line. With Completenet things were a lot different. They kept impressing us right from day one to the day they handed over our project.

This company cares! Yes, often issues come with the web development companies and customers mainly because they do not care. Completenet is really concerned about customer satisfaction. They are a very professional but friendly team.

Thanks to Completenet, a trustworthy company. I have at last found my go to company. I am able to confidently send all my web development needs to this company knowing that they will take care of my needs. They deliver on time without having to follow up with them anxiously.

I have been working with Completenet for a number of years. Over the years we have built a very good relationship with this company. They are very honest and trustworthy service providers. They are also very reasonable in terms of their pricing. They have highly experienced designers and coding experts. Thanks to their ongoing support.

Having worked with Completenet on a couple of projects, I am able to say that this is a very reliable company. They are very professional in their approach and they always set realistic deadlines for the job and never make false promises. These things have certainly made me come back to them for all my design and development needs.

I am happy that I managed to find this company. They made our journey through many complicated projects easy. If it were not to be for this company, we would not have successfully pulled through so many projects within a short time.

A dependable web development company. They are always there to listen to our concerns and address them in the most professional way within the shortest time. We are now able to enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that all our development needs are now going to talented and skilled hands.

I have worked with Completenet on a number of projects. We use this company for our own internal development needs and also for our clients’ web development needs. They always deliver the best and manage to impress us.

I love the website your team designed for my business. They showed a very high level of expertise and they were ready to listen to my requirements. I am glad that I managed to find your company because I was not sure whether I would be able to give shape to the ideas that I had in my head. You did a good job and thanks.