Why Us

Eight distinguishing reasons that make Completenet the best option for your digital marketing needs.

Why Us

You can count on Completenet as your dependable development partner. We will be with you every step of the way from the start till the end. Here are eight distinguishing reasons why you should choose us as your web agency.

We know to listen

As one of the most seasoned web agency Completenet understands the importance of listening. This is where we set the metronome for the entire project. Only when we meet your requirements to the last detail you are happy and that is what will make us happy to. Everything starts from listening.

We are governed by Integrity

We either do it with integrity or we never do it at all. Yes we are determined to keep the game clean. We ensure that you could trust us 100% and that we always act keeping your best interests in mind.

We breathe SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the key to success today. Without SEO millions of websites online would not be where they are today. At Completenet we come with a very strong SEO background. We use sound SEO principles when building your online systems.

We are committed to delivering nothing but the masterpieces

At Completenet we have a very strong design team that is committed to delivering nothing but the masterpieces. The success of a business website is often built on how good it looks. Our designs are conceived by seasoned marketing designers and executed by highly experienced designers.

We know a good deal of WordPress too

Today a good majority of the websites make use of WordPress open source CMS. We are experts in building websites using WordPress. You will be able to manage the WordPress websites all by yourself easily in just few clicks. You will be able to easily handle everything from posting new content, editing existing content, adding or removing images and so much more. There is no need to have an expensive designer or programmer to manage your website any longer.

Manual coding

At Completenet we manually write every single line of code that is delivered to our clients. We have a highly experienced team of experts to take care of your coding needs. We deliver fully tested codes. All our codes will pass cross-browser compatibility tests.

Metrics on your success

We will regularly update you with the latest reports on your website’s performance including traffic data. You will have complete metrics on your success any given month. You will be able to use this data for your future marketing and positioning needs.

100% timely delivery

We ensure that we deliver on time every time. The timeline is set only after careful review of your requirements. We know what bottlenecks to anticipate during the development process. This enables us to be prepared to face the ordeals and deliver our work on time.